Ilene Garner

The Bride

Ilene was born to William and Bonlyn Nesbitt in the small town of Plainfield in New Jersey. She was instilled with a strong sense of family, living with mother and father, grandmother, adopted aunt and siblings (Billy, Sharon and Cheryl) and on occasion other family members and friends.

She was surrounded with a loving a community with her parents designating a host of individuals as Auntie and Uncle. Se was taught strong moral values and principles from her parents and church family. At the age of 11 she gave her life to Christ.

She has a wonderful son Eric whom she loves dearly, an adopted daughter Shanda, and a host of individuals that now call her Mom and Auntie.

She loves the Lord and acknowledges that all that she has accomplished could not have been done without Him.

She looks forward to what God will do for His glory through our union.