Bob Kennerly

The Groom

Just a little bit about me.  I’m a father, grand-father and great-grand-father who loves family.  I was the oldest of 10 and had the privilege of being in charge most of the time, doing hair for my sisters, ironing clothes, cooking, cleaning the house and growing up fast.

I love to dance, try to play the piano and saxophone, enjoy computers and love mentoring young people.  As a minister, I enjoy working with others in helping them to become the person God want them to be.  (Let go and Let God is my motto).

Meeting Ilene has changed my life so much, which I didn’t expect to happen in this stage of my life, but God!  I really, really love this woman.  She’s such a wonderful and thoughtful person who will give her last to anyone in need.  I respect her and will take care and support her in whatever endeavor she desires.

I thank you for viewing our site and hope to see you at the Wedding.


Pastor Bob